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The best bicycle chain lubricant

The best "oil" (lubricant) for bicycle chains

Updated: 03/02/2021. Often asked question (and debate) among cyclists, whether beginners, or experienced: “What is the best bicycle chain lube?” Short answer: chainsaw bar oil, diluted with about 30 % of diesel (or odourless mineral spirits). For those prepared to re-apply lube more often, even during one long ride, wax based lubricants are also an … Read more

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“Stack and reach” – effective size of a bicycle frame

Stack and reach - effective bicycle frame size

Updated: 24/05/2021. Like it was explained in an earlier article about choosing a correct frame size, modern frame designs make it impossible to tell if a frame will fit a rider just by measuring the seat tube length. Quick and relatively simpler way for sizing, explained in the mentioned article, is measuring the effective top … Read more

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Right and left hand(ed) thread

left and right handed thread

Updated: 09/09/2020. Term “left handed thread” is often used in cycling literature and practise. This post explains the difference between (a more common) right handed and left handed thread. Before explaining the left handed thread, first the right handed one will be explained.   1. Right handed thread – “the rule of right thumb” Right … Read more

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Posting questions, or comments

Questions and comments for bikegremlin.com website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ profiles

Updated: 26/10/2020. This post explains some basic “rules” for posting questions and/or comments on the website (same goes for the BikeGremlin Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels). 1. How to post a question? First try a website search – you can find the answers for most of the questions in one of the articles here. … Read more

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Theory vs practice

Theory, or practise - what is more important?

Updated: 18/09/2020. Theory is when everything is known, but nothing works.Practice is when everything works, but no one knows why.In Bike Gremlin garage, we combine theory and practice: nothing works, and no one knows why!  🙂 This post gives my personal opinion on theory and practice in terms of (bicycle) mechanics and engineering. During my … Read more

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Setting up comfortable riding position

Setting up a comfortable bicycle riding position

Updated: 02/05/2021. This post will explain basic things about setting up a comfortable riding position. For a detailed explanation and for more experienced riders, take a look at this post: Setting up riding position. Riding position on any given bicycle can be altered to suit one’s needs and “size”. The way to do it is … Read more

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How to adjust bicycle handlebar angle and height

How to adjust bicycle handlebar height and angle. Tools, instructions...

Updated: 26/03/2021. This post explains technique and tools needed to adjust bicycle handlebar height and angle. For explanation on how to optimally adjust bars and cockpit, read these two articles (one for MTB, the other for road bike bars):MTB bars setupSetting up road bike bars There are two standards of bars stem mounting. One is … Read more