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MTB (flat) bars setup

Setting up MTB bicycle handlebars. Tools needed, instructions...

Updated: 09/09/2020. Correctly set up bars provide more comfortable ride and better control of the bicycle, as well as safer braking. Common error is setting up brake levers to be parallel to the ground. This article doesn’t address mechanical part of bar adjustment. Procedures and tools needed to change bar height and angle are explained … Read more

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Buying (checking) a used bicycle

Buying a second-hand bicycle. How to check a second-hand bicycle before buying

Updated: 11/10/2020. This post explains how to check when buying a used bicycle.Tips for choosing which type of bicycle to buy can be found here: Which bicycle type suits my needs.Choosing a correct size: Real frame size.Choosing equipment class (Deore, Ultegra, SRAM, disc brakes etc): Which bicycle to buy. 1. General first impression Is it day, with … Read more

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Setting up drop bars

Setting up road (drop) bars of a road bicycle

Updated: 09/09/2020. Explanation of various hand positions and grips on the bars is in this post: Road bar hand positionsIn case no set up enables comfortable position, perhaps a bar with a different shape is needed. This post explains different road bar geometries: Road bar geometry This post addresses setting up drup bars (road bicycle … Read more

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Which type of bicycle suits my needs?

Which type of bicycle best suits my needs?

Updated: 04/03/2021. There are plenty of different bicycle types. Explanation of 10 basic types can be found in this article: Bicycle types. Which type suits one best, depends on intended use of the bicycle. Answer the query below and it will give you recommended bicycle type for the planned way of using it: Go to: Query for … Read more

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Bicycle groupset

Bicycle groupset (drivetrain)

Updated: 09/09/2020. Those into cycling must have heard, or read something like: “The bike comes with a full Ultegra groupset”. Or: “Fully Shimano Deore equipped bicycle”. This post will explain what a “bicycle groupset” is, what parts it consists of. Other, less common name for a bicycle groupset is “bicycle equipment”.   1. What is … Read more

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Types of bicycles

Bicycle types - what kinds of bicycles exist and which are the best for which use

Updated: 10/05/2021. This post explains what kinds (types) of bicycles exist and which is the best choice for which use. There are many “sub-types”, so this is just a short explanation of major distinctions and characteristics of each type. A query that can be answered in order to get a recommendation of bicycle type most suitable … Read more

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Setting up riding position – bike fitting

Setting up a comfortable bicycle riding position - bike fitting

Updated: 02/05/2021. Unless a bicycle frame is by “three sizes” too big/small, it can usually be set to better suit a rider’s comfort. This post gives instructions for setting up a comfortable riding position, i.e. bicycle fitting. For a shorter, simpler explanation, more suitable for beginners, read the post: Setting up comfortable riding position. Contents:0. … Read more

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Bicycle – how many speeds?

Bicycle - how many speeds is the best to have on a bicycle? How many different gearing ratios is needed for cycling?

Updated: 16/11/2018. There’s been a long trend of ever increasing number of speeds on bicycles. From single speeds, “tenspeeds”, over 18 speeds (bicycles with 3×6 chainring setups), to modern “1X” trends with only one front chainring and 10 to 12 rear chainrings (“sprockets”). This post will try to answer the question: how many speeds are … Read more

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How to choose a correct bicycle frame size

Real (effective) bicycle frame size - how to choose a correct bicycle frame size

Updated: 24/05/2021. What is a correct, “real” (i.e. effective) bicycle frame size? How to measure it, tell which one will fit? While most other things can be “tweaked” to fit a rider, if a frame is too small, or too big (especially by more than “one size wrong”), it is very hard “fix” – since … Read more

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The Best Bicycle Bearing Grease

What is the best bicycle bearing grease? Which type of grease to choose for bicycle bearings?

Updated: 16/07/2020. What is the best bicycle bearing grease? In this post, a recommendation for bicycle bearings grease will be given. For detailed explanation of various types of greases, as well as recommendation of grease for extreme riding conditions, look at this (long) post: Bicycle bearing greases – explained The mentioned (linked) post gives explanation … Read more