Pros and cons of bicycle disc brakes (compared to rim brakes)

Advantages and disadvantages of bicycle disk brakes

Updated: 19/07/2019. This post provides a short overview of advantages and disadvantages of bicycle disc brakes, compared to rim brakes (whether they are cantilever, road, or V-brakes). When comparing, it is understood that the brakes are of a good build quality and set up properly. Update: if it helps anyone, I made a series of … Read morePros and cons of bicycle disc brakes (compared to rim brakes)

Mechanical bicycle brakes – working principle

Mechanical advantage and bicycle brake working principle

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post will explain the basic principles of mechanical brakes functioning, i.e. brakes that use cables. Hydraulic brakes will be explained in a separate article. a) Introduction – mechanical advantage Mechanical brakes work on a simple lever principle. The longer the leverage, the less mass is needed to move a greater mass. Also, … Read moreMechanical bicycle brakes – working principle