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Why cars are not sustainable?

Why is the car not a sustainable mode of mass transport

I came across an article by chance, on a cycling website. The original article was printed in a French newspaper. Then copied and uploaded to be on-line by notanothercyclingforum.net. I think the article is very well written and should be preserved and shared, hence I’ve made a “local” copy on BikeGremlin as well. I generally … Read more

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Posting questions, or comments

Questions and comments for bikegremlin.com website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ profiles

Updated: 26/10/2020. This post explains some basic “rules” for posting questions and/or comments on the website (same goes for the BikeGremlin Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels). 1. How to post a question? First try a website search – you can find the answers for most of the questions in one of the articles here. … Read more

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Theory vs practice

Theory, or practise - what is more important?

Updated: 18/09/2020. Theory is when everything is known, but nothing works.Practice is when everything works, but no one knows why.In Bike Gremlin garage, we combine theory and practice: nothing works, and no one knows why!  🙂 This post gives my personal opinion on theory and practice in terms of (bicycle) mechanics and engineering. During my … Read more

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White arrow – vintage road bike project

Restauration and assembly of a retro (vintage) road bicycle

Updated: 20/01/2021. A colleague asked me to find her a road bicycle for up to around 200 euros. Since small sized frame 2nd hand bikes offer was very poor, it was decided to find a frame and components and assemble a nice fast bike. 🙂 1. Sourcing parts and preparations Suitable frame was found. Old … Read more