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Posting questions, or comments

This post explains some basic “rules” for posting questions and/or comments on the BikeGremlin forum (the same goes for the BikeGremlin Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels).

1. How to post a question?

First try a website search – you can find the answers for most of the questions in one of the articles here. The search is a “smart” one, powered by Google, so it usually finds the articles that give good answers to your queries:

BikeGremlin website search
BikeGremlin website search

If the search didn’t help, to post a question/comment, use the BikeGremlin forum, by registering there (you can enter any name, so it can be practically anonymous), with a valid e-mail address (which isn’t shown publicly).

When asking a question, be specific and give enough information, using correct terms – so that it’s certain we are both talking about the same thing / bicycle part. For help, see the names of bicycle parts and bicycle terms glossary.

Also, when referring to speeds, use the form: “largest front and third smallest rear sprocket”, or similar, because “5th speed”, 12th etc. are often not precise enough.

Comments are held for moderation, in order to prevent spamming, or trolling. After a comment is approved by an administrator, it will appear on the website. This usually happens within hours, but could take a day, or more – depending on work and vacation schedule.

2. What kinds of questions to ask?

However stupid this may sound, it needs some explaining.

One of the reasons this site was made was to help people. When “discovering” the world of cycling and mechanics, the author had lots of questions, with relatively hard to find answers. So most of those are now answered on this site. Some basic, some “advanced”.

Generally, there aren’t stupid questions, just stupid answers. However: before posting a question, look for the answer on the website. It is nicely structured, by topics, and has a search field in the top right corner of every page. If the required content is not found, try typing the question in the search box and see if there is an answer, before posting a question.

This especially goes for asking about buying a particular (2nd hand) bicycle – it is impossible to look over about a 100 adds each day and answer each person. There is a section with buying tips. This is where most buying questions are answered, such as: what kind of bicycle suits my needs, what size, how to check a 2nd hand (used) bicycle, what groupset to buy, etc

Questions about things that aren’t explained on the site, concrete questions for further explanations etc, as well as (constructive) criticism are more than welcome.

3. My comment is not approved!?

If a comment is not approved, even after a few days, do check if it contains one, or more of the following:

  • One or more links with adds. A “cleverly” asked “question” that is in fact a commercial is not acceptable. Also called spamming.
  • Pictures and/or words that are rude, or pornographic. This goes for account “avatars” as well.
  • Insults to other users, whether using “bad” words, or content that is disrespectful, or insulting.
  • The question has already been answered on the site.
  • Trolling.

Trolling vs (constructive) criticism:

Trolling condemns what it doesn’t understand / criticism asks for clarification.
Trolling is spoken with a cruel wit and sarcastic tongue / criticism’s voice is kind, honest, and objective.
Trolling is negative / criticism is positive, even when pointing out mistakes, or flaws.
Trolling is vague and general / criticism is concrete and specific.
Trolling looks for flaws in the writer as well as the writing / criticism addresses only what is on the page.

4. Why is this (all) necessary?

In order to keep the site informative and not clogged with adds, insults, or “junk” – with only relevant questions and topics kept in the comments section to help others, so people don’t have to go through pages of useless data to find what they’re looking for.

Note: further comments on this page have been disabled, for better readability – please use the BikeGremlin forum.

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