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Which trekking bicycle should I buy?

A complete trekking bicycle buying guide

In this article I’m answering the frequently asked question: “which trekking bicycle should I buy?” I’ll also explain the differences between trekking, and hybrid bicycles, and explain what to look (out) for when shopping.This is not a “10 best trekking bikes to buy in year 20xx” article. This is what I answer when friends and … Read more

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New MTB for under 400 $ (buying cheap)

Buying new, cheap mountain bicycle (MTB) for under 400 dollars

Updated: 07/05/2021. Which mountain bicycle (MTB from now) to buy if you only have $ 400? Based on today’s prices, that’s considered rather cheap, so in this article I’ll recommend “the least bad” models in this price range. Contents: Introduction What kind of MTB to seek for under $ 400? 29-inch wheels MTB for under … Read more