Useful links

Updated: 02/12/2018.

Here’s a list of sites I find very useful and informative… and fun.  🙂


  • – Serbian cycling portal with 2nd hand parts and bicycles yellow pages (with advanced search options) and a very good and informative cycling forum (in Serbocroatian language).

  • – USA cycling forum. Some very good cycling experts willing to share their knowledge and experience. Also lots of first hand experiences with a vast range of parts, equipment etc. Very informative. Sheldon Brown (R.I.P.) was a member in his time. Author of this site contributes under a nickname Slaninar.

  • – Site of the deceised legend Sheldon Brown. It should be protected as a treasure of the civilization. If there is a cycling mechanics bible, this is it. Sheldon’s site is one of the things that inspired me to make Bike Gremlin website.

    Sheldon Brown
  • – Park Tool company website. Lots of repair/maintenance step by step instructions with pictures.
    ParkTool repair help
  • – Bicycle gear calculator – a very useful tool.
  • – Spoke length calculator – by Roger Musson’s book: Professional Guide to Wheel Building.
  • – As the site’s author, Mark, says: “Esoteric observations on bicycles and cycling”. The site offers scientific and experimental tests and explanations of certain phenomena present in bike mechanics and cycling. For example, article on cable routing is very informative and educative: Cable Routing – Experimental Results.

    Killa's Garage
  • – List of failed bicycle parts with pictures and explanations of the failure causes.

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