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Here’s a list of sites I find very useful and informative… and fun.  🙂

  • – Serbian cycling portal with 2nd hand parts and bicycles yellow pages (with advanced search options) and a very good and informative cycling forum (in Serbocroatian language).

  • – USA cycling forum. Some very good cycling experts willing to share their knowledge and experience. Also lots of first hand experiences with a vast range of parts, equipment etc. Very informative. Sheldon Brown (R.I.P.) was a member in his time. Author of this site contributes under a nickname Bike Gremlin.

  • Non-https links sharing page and smart Google search of the forum:
  • – Site of the deceased legend Sheldon Brown. It should be protected as a treasure of the civilization. If there is a cycling mechanics bible, this is it. Sheldon’s site is one of the things that inspired me to make Bike Gremlin website.

    Sheldon Brown
  • – Park Tool company website. Lots of repair/maintenance step by step instructions with pictures.
    ParkTool repair help

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