Are narrower tyres “faster” – rolling resistance

Are narrow tyres faster?

Updated: 28/03/2019. This post explains what rolling resistance is, what affects it and how it can be minimised. Contents:1. What is rolling resistance?2. What affects the rolling resistance?….2.1. Tyre’s mass (“weight”)….2.2. Tread pattern….2.3. Sidewall and rubber compound quality….2.4. Aerodynamic drag….2.5. Air pressure in the tyre….2.6. Tyre (wheel) diameter….2.7. Tyre width….2.8. Road conditions3. Conclusion? 1. What … Read moreAre narrower tyres “faster” – rolling resistance

Mounting bicycle tube and tyre

Replacing (mounting) bicycle tyre and tube. Tools needed, step-by-step instructions...

Updated: 08/11/2018. This post explains how to mount bicycle tubes and tyres onto the rim. If needed, see posts on how to how to remove wheels, how to remove tyres and tubes, and how to patch punctured tubes. 1. Inspect the rim It needs to be without sharp edges. Straight, without bends. 2. Make sure that … Read moreMounting bicycle tube and tyre

To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?

To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?

Updated: 08/11/2018. This post answers a frequently asked question: “To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?” Related posts explain: Slick bicycle tyres, Rolling resistance – are narrower tyres faster and Bicycle winter tyres. Contents: 1. What is the role of air pressure in tyres? 2. What is the optimal tyre pressure? …2.1. What … Read moreTo what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?

Slick bicycle tyres

Slick bicycle tyres. Are they good? Do they grip well in the wet?

Updated: 08/11/2018. Many cyclists have doubts when it comes to slick tyres and their grip, especially on wet pavement.  This post will address slick bicycle tyres, their strengths and weaknesses. Contents: 1. Role of tread pattern on bicycle tyres …1.1. Off-road conditions …1.2. Paved roads 2. Wet pavement with puddles …2.1. A few words about car tyres … Read moreSlick bicycle tyres

Bicycle tubes – valve and tube types explained

Bicycle tyre inner tube - types, sizes, valve types (dunlop, presta schrader/auto)...

Updated: 08/11/2018. Most bicycles, except some tubeless models, use tubes in their tyres. Tubes are used to hold the air in, of course, while the (outer) tyre is responsible for firmness and grip with surface. This post will explain important things concerning bicycle tubes, including: dimensions (sizes), valve types (schrader, presta, dunlop…), valve lengths etc. … Read moreBicycle tubes – valve and tube types explained