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Website for those who are into bicycles – whether you are a beginner, an experienced cyclist, or a mechanic.
Which bicycle should I buy, how to patch a punctured tyre, tune a derailleur, replace the chain, how to brake,
securely lock my bike, ride safely in traffic…
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The principle I stick to is: “Objective Detailed Expert Information.”

All the articles here were written by humans (most by Relja Novović). With all our flaws and imperfections. So do let us know if you run into some “bed spilling” or other mistakes (contact email) – we do that from time to time.



You don’t depend on others.
Especially during the spring and summer bicycle service shop overload.

It's Zen-like...

It’s Zen-like.
Fixing a bike is a joy, and it helps with fine motor skills and logical thinking development.


Your skills and confidence grow with each successful repair. Why should a flat tyre mean the end of the ride for the day?

Saves money

It saves money.
Though, as your skills improve, you will be looking for better tools. Good tools aren’t cheap and complicated repairs can take time.

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Tutorials, bicycle and tool reviews, questions and answers, vlog

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Questions and answers, and consulting

An explanation of why it’s BikeGremlin and Mostly harmless™ (link to my cycling website). 🙂

If you have any other questions, or need help & advice, please use the BikeGremlin forum.

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