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What is this?

This website is for anyone interested in bicycles – whether you are a novice, or an experienced rider, or a mechanic. Which bicycle should I buy, how to fix a flat tyre, replace a chain, tune a derailleur, how to securely lock a bicycle, ride in traffic, brake, etc.
BikeGremlin author/founder – Relja Novović (link to the “main,” site)

Don’t let the “Spartan” design fool you – there are hundreds of informative articles here!

Where do I start?

  • Here’s a complete list of the website contents – logically sorted by topics.
    That’s a good place to start and find what interests you.
  • There’s also a search box near the top of each page – powered by Google, so it is rather smart. 🙂
  • Finally, there’s a menu at the top, with a list of topics, sorted by categories.

What can I expect?

The basic idea is to explain even the most complicated things so that absolute beginners can understand them.

I think that it’s great when you can fix your own bicycle. Why?

  • You don’t depend on the others – especially in the Spring and Summer, when bike shops are overloaded.
  • It is very Zen-like. Bicycle maintenance is a joy, and it helps the development of the fine motor skills and logical thinking.
  • Your confidence and skills increase with every successful repair. Why should a simple flat tyre mean the end of a day’s ride?
  • Some would add that it saves money, but that’s questionable – good tools are relatively expensive, and maintenance takes your time. To me, the above listed reasons are a lot more important.

If you have any questions, use the comment section below each article, or the Q & A page.

Most articles here are for my own personal reminder (“how do I fix this-and-that”), or for answering the questions I get frequently (so I don’t have to explain the same stuff over, and over again 🙂 ). Some articles are very long, but most have a table of contents at the beginning, so you can jump straight to the part that interests you.

I try to keep this as up-to-date, objective, and informative as possible. If you find any errors, don’t hesitate to note them in the comment section. Likewise, since English is not my native, if you find any “bed spilling,” feel free to let me know so I can correct it. This way you are helping make this even better and more useful for all the cyclists (and mechanics).

Companies supporting this website are listed under “Partners.” My main condition when discussing sponsorship is that I remain independent: writing only what I really think (about any product), and not writing what I don’t think. Those listed as “Partners” understand and support this.

Frequently asked questions

This site is about bicycles, cycling, and bicycle mechanics, but you could visit this page if you are interested to find out a bit more about me. Some other things people often ask:

Almost forgot: when I recommend a particular product, I often use an Amazon affiliate link, and “as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” Now that legal disclaimer is out of the way, you can see: why BikeGremlin uses Amazon affiliate links.

That’s it. Enjoy! 🙂


This is my best profile... disregard that photo-bombing hiker in the background!
This is my best profile… disregard that photo-bombing hiker in the background!
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