Comparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants

Comparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants

Updated: 08/11/2018. This post will offer a comparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants. It will include standard commercialy available lubricants that can be used for lubing bicycle chains, such as chainsaw bar oil, motor oil etc. It will also give comparison of lubricants sold and marketed as bicycle chain lubricants. They will be noted with … Read moreComparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants

Bicycle chain lubricants – explained

Bicycle chain lubricants - in detail

Updated: 08/11/2018. Eternal debate in the cycling world: how to lube and maintain a bicycle chain? There are those that seldom notice drive chain, until it starts creaking really loud, or breaks. There are also those that regularly clean and lubricate their chains. When it comes to those who do maintain their bicycle chains, there … Read moreBicycle chain lubricants – explained

Bicycle bearing greases – explained

Detailed explanation of important bicycle bearing grease characteristics - grease types explained

Updated: 27/01/2019. It is a common debate among cyclists (and mechanics) which is the best bicycle bearing grease – for use in hub, or steerer, brake pivot etc. bearings. Some swear by the old “axle grease” that “… my grandfather / father used …” Others recommend silicone, Teflon, graphite grease and so on. This post explains important … Read moreBicycle bearing greases – explained