MTB wheels: 26″ vs 27,5″ vs 29″ 29er

MTB bicycle wheels - 26" compared to 27.5" and 29" ("29er")

Updated: 24/04/2021. What are the best wheels for a mountain bicycle? 26″, 27.5″, or 29″? This post gives a comparison (overview) of the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each of the standards. 1. Standards in numbers Detailed explanation of wheel sizes can be found in this post: Tyre dimensions. 26″ is a marketing term for … Read more

How to remove a bicycle wheel

How to remove a bicycle wheel. Step-by-step instructions, tools needed.

Updated: 30/08/2020. Knowing how to remove a bicycle wheel is useful in case a puncture needs to be fixed, or if a tyre, rear sprockets, or wheel itself need replacing.  This post will explain procedure for rear wheel removal and mounting. For removing the front wheel, procedure is the same, there is just no messing with the … Read more

Bicycle wheels – how many spokes?

Bicycle wheels and spokes - explanation of construction, hubs, rims, how many spokes etc.

Updated: 09/09/2020. This post explains bicycle wheel construction. What makes a strong spoked wheel, how many spokes is the optimal choice. For explanation on how to remove and mount a wheel, read this post: How to remove a wheel.Differences in wheel size: 26 vs 27.5 vs 28/29″ wheel sizes comparison.Tyre size: tyre (and rim) dimension standards … Read more

Bicycle rim tape explained

Bicycle rim tapes - types, dimensions, how to choose a good quality bicycle wheel rim tape and mount it correctly

Updated: 05/07/2021. This post shortly explains important things concerning bicycle rim tape. Many cyclists already know all this, but many don’t – author of the text has often had bicycles brought into his bicycle repair shop with tubes punctured, or damaged from the rim, or the spokes – because of rim tape problems. Contents: What … Read more

Rear bicycle hub

Bicycle wheel rear hub - types, standards, dimensions (width), freehub vs freewheel...

Updated: 09/09/2020. This post explains basic things about bicycle rear hubs, i.e. rear bicycle wheel hubs. 1. Rear hub role Rear bicycle hub has one main role, that is allowing the wheel to turn freely, while keeping it attached to the frame at the same time. Also, unlike the front hub, the rear hub has … Read more