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Approach to bicycle servicing

First steps (approach) when servicing a bicycle

Updated: 09/09/2020. This post is about approaching a bicycle that needs repairs, or regular maintenance. Perhaps it sounds a bit absurd – “what’s the big deal in how to approach a bicycle?”, but in the remainder of this post, I’ll explain what’s the “catch”. Contents: 0. Introduction 1. Talking to the client …1.1. Listening …1.2. … Read more

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Roller wear effect on chain to chainring engagement

Effect of bicycle chain roller wear on chain's engagement with chainrings

Updated: 09/09/2020. In a previous post “Bicycle chain wear (elongation)” it was explained how chain wear happens and affects chain’s performance. There it was mentioned that roller wear doesn’t affect chain’s performance. The only thing that affects performance is chain’s elongation (change of pitch) – i.e. inner plates to pin contact area wear. The goal … Read more