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Which type of bicycle suits my needs?

There are plenty of different bicycle types. An explanation of 10 basic types can be found in this article: Bicycle types.

Which type suits one best, depends on the intended use of the bicycle. Answer the query below and it will give you recommended bicycle type for the planned way of using it:

Go to: Query/test for bicycle choice for intended use

If you get the most points for an MTB, it is worth considering a Gravel bicycle, as a great alternative.

Screenshot and instructions for use:

Query - which bicycle suits one's needs
Query – which bicycle suits one’s needs


  • moving slider all the way to the left means completely disagreeing with the stated claim.
  • moving slider all the way to the right means completely agreeing with the stated claim.

For choosing correct frame size: How to choose a correct frame size.

For tips when buying a new bicycle: Which bicycle to buy?

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