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Pros and cons of 1x groupsets/systems

1x systems (groupsets) pros and cons

Updated: 24/04/2021. The cycling industry, mostly for marketing reasons, moves towards an ever-increasing “number of speeds” at the back. However, there is also a trend of having fewer front chainrings. First, the triples were extinct from high-end groupsets of big manufacturers, then they came for the doubles… 🙂  Today’s modern thing is the 1x – … Read more

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Bicycle chain wear (elongation)

Bicycle chain wear ("stretching")

Updated: 10/10/2020. This post will explain how exactly a bicycle chain gets worn and what happens with it as it wears. First things explained will be the chain construction and chain pitch so that explanation of chain wear can more easily be understood. A separate post explains how to measure wear and when to replace … Read more

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Bicycle chainline

Bicycle chainline

Updated: 22/11/2020. This post explains what bicycle chainline is. Why is it important? How is it measured? How to set a “correct” chainline? Contents: What is a bicycle chainline? Why is bicycle chainline important? How to measure bicycle chainline3.1. Measuring front chainline3.2. Measuring rear chainline How to set a correct chainline?4.1. Front chainline adjustment4.2. Rear … Read more

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Removing rear bicycle sprockets

How to remove cassette from a bicycle wheel - instructions with a list of tools

Updated: 13/05/2021. This post explains the tools needed and the proper procedure of removing rear sprockets of rear wheels that have them.  🙂   Tools needed will be listed after the preparation procedures are explained, for reasons that will become apparent after reading paragraphs preceding the tool list. Contents:1. Removing the wheel2. Determining whether the wheel … Read more

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Bicycle pedals – types, standards

Bicycle pedal types and standards. Road, MTB, BMX, SPD, platforms...

Updated: 05/12/2018. This post explains pedal types and standards for screwing them into the cranks. There are two existing standards for mounting pedals and three pedal design types.   0. Two existing standards for mounting pedals: BMX vs standard There are two major pedal standards depending on spindle mounting thread diameter. One is 1/2″ wide spindle, popularly referred … Read more

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When to replace the chain on a bicycle?

When to replace a worn bicycle chain

Updated: 28/10/2020. This post explains when to replace a bicycle chain. For a detailed explanation of what exactly happens when a chain gets used and worn, look at this post: Bicycle chain wear (elongation) Contents:1. Chain design2. Chain wear – elongation3. When is the time to replace the chain on a bicycle?4. How to measure … Read more

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Chain length sizing for bicycles with derailleurs

Optimal chain length for bicycles with a derailleur (multi-geared bicycles)

Updated: 15/06/2021. It is often asked: what is the optimal chain length for a bicycle with derailleurs? Should a new chain be shortened and how much? That is answered in this post. For single speed bicycles (or bikes with internal gear hubs), see: Determining optimal single speed chain length. Contents: Bicycle drive chain length The … Read more

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Bicycle equipment (“groupset”) classes

Bicycle equipment (groupset) classes - Dura-Ace, Ultegra, Deore, Super Record...

Updated: 24/04/2021. “What groupset do you ride?” is a common question among experienced cyclists. Less experienced ones often ask what bicycle groupset classes are the best, which one to buy. This post will give a ranking (list) of classes from the low, to top class, for the three major groupset manufacturers: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. … Read more

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Front derailleur

Bicycle front derailleur (FD). Types of front derailleurs, frame mount standards, FD compatibility...

Updated: 08/03/2021. Explanation of all the important facts related to bicycle front derailleurs. A separate article explains the front derailleur compatibility. Contents: 1. How does the front derailleur work? 2. FD mounting to the bicycle frame …2.1. Direct mount system known as H0, or DM …2.2. E-type (also known as low direct mount, E2-type, S3, … Read more

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Rear derailleur

Bicycle rear derailleur - chain wrap capacity, top and low normal, rapid rise, max sprocket capacity...

Updated: 25/03/2021. This post explains important facts about bicycle rear derailleurs. From construction and parts, to important characteristics such as chain wrap capacity etc. 1. How does the bicycle rear derailleur work? Rear derailleurs (often refferd to as RD) are used on bicycles with external gearing and multiple sprockets at the rear hub. They work … Read more

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Speeds – rear sprockets

Bicycle speeds - rear sprockets

Updated: 09/09/2020. This post gives a short overview of “bicycle speeds” in terms of rear sprocket (chainring) count. A series of articles explaining which sprockets can be matched with which derailleurs and shifters can be found here: Bicycle parts compatibility. For more details on cassette standards, read: Bicycle cassette (rear chainring) standards.   Bicycle rear sprockets … Read more

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Bicycle rear sprockets – freewheel VS freehub

Bicycle rear sprockets - freewheel vs freehub

Updated: 09/09/2020. There are two major standards (ways) of attaching bicycle cassettes to the rear wheel: old freewheel and the newer freehub. The differences and how to tell one from the other are explained in this post. 1. Freewheel VS Freehub Rear hubs are explained in the Bicycle rear hub post, while here the emphasis is … Read more

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How to lubricate a bicycle chain

Bicycle chain lubrication - how to lubricate a bicycle chain, why is that important, bicycle chain wear...

Updated: 09/05/2021. This post will explain basic things about bicycle chain maintenance. First there will be a few words about chain function, as well as chain and chainring wear, then chain cleaning techniques, followed by chain lubrication methods. Finally it will give some rough recommendations of chain lubricants. For detailed explanation of various chain lubricant … Read more