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On this website (and BikeGremlin YouTube channel) I give complete information and tutorials about bicycles, mechanics and cycling in general. I share all the knowledge completely free and don’t plan on charging for it.

In addition to that (or thanks to that), a lot of people call me on the phone, or write using e-mail, Viber, Facebook (and other social networks). Unfortunately, I work a lot and have very little free time. Also: my hands are greasy! 🙂 Every time a phone rings, I need to stop what I’m doing, wipe my hands, take the phone and answer.

There’s more and more work. I have never refused to give advice and help. In order to be able to do that in the future, we’ll have to get organized, together. 🙂

Table Of Contents (T.O.C.):

  1. How to get free BikeGremlin help or advice?
  2. Urgent, right away, today for today – charged
  3. Contact info

1. How to get free BikeGremlin help or advice?

There are several ways available, whichever you prefer:

  • The best place is probably ( forum for Serbocroatian) – there I actively participate under “Bike Gremlin” username. Also, many other experts offer help and advice there, so You benefit from getting 2nd opinions. You are also most likely to get a timely response (within a day or two), at least from other knowledgeable members, even if I don’t manage.
  • Use the website search – it is very good (Google powered) – just enter what you want to know. I have already answered most of the questions.
BikeGremlin website search - powered by Google! :)
BikeGremlin website search – powered by Google! 🙂

This way the questions and answers will be public, helping anyone with a similar problem/question.

In separate articles I explained:

Response time is about a week – i.e. when I find the time, in order: first answering the first asked questions (that haven’t yet been answered). There’s less rush in the winter months, so then You can expect a faster response.

I’m planning on keeping this free.

Asking questions, advice, help [1017]

– T.O.C. –

2. Urgent, right away, today for today

BikeGremlin mascott

There are situations that are urgent for You. When you need “real-time” help.

Since this kind of assistance requires me to stop whatever I’m doing, I must limit the time and “materially compensate it” so to say.

The time for phone calls is workdays from 9 to 20 o’clock (Central European time zone – “CET“).

The expected reply time for urgent questions is within 24 hours (usually within 10 minutes, if it’s between 9 and 20 CET on workdays).

The service price is $25 for up to a 30-minute phone call, or chat (if using a messenger/chat service), paid via PayPal (please add a contact phone number in the PayPal payment message if requiring telephone assistance).

You can also pay using a cart, via BikeGremlin help desk (accepting Visa, Mastercard and PayPal).

I will get the payment notification within minutes.

– T.O.C. –

3. Contact info

You can contact me via e-mail, or using the phone (call, Viber, or WhatsApp).

my name (relja) @ this domain (
My contact phone number will be provided upon your payment, via email or via a Viber/WhatsApp message if you’ve provided a contact phone number.

In other words: I offer knowledge, information and help for free, but must charge for my time (until we introduce communism globally, so I can just fix bikes, without worrying about bills, medical and schooling costs). 🙂

– T.O.C. –