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Updated: 17/07/2019.

On this website (and BikeGremlin YouTube channel) I give complete information and tutorials about bicycles, mechanics and cycling in general. I share all the knowledge completely free and don’t plan on charging for it.

In addition to that (or thanks to that), a lot of people call me on the phone, or write using e-mail, Viber, Facebook (and other social networks). Unfortunately, I work a lot and have very little free time. Also: my hands are greasy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Every time a phone rings, I need to stop what I’m doing, wipe my hands, take the phone and answer.

There’s more and more work. I have never refused to give advice and help. In order to be able to do that in the future, we’ll have to get organized, together. ๐Ÿ™‚

How to get free BikeGremlin help, or advice?

There are several ways available, whichever you prefer:

  • Best place is probably ( forum for Serbocroatian) – there I actively participate under “Bike Gremlin” username. Also, many other experts offer help and advice there, so You benefit from getting 2nd opinions. You are also most likely to get a timely response (within a day or two), at least from other knowledgeable members, even if I don’t manage.
  • By posting a comment on this website (rules for posting questions/comments).

Response time is about a week – i.e. when I find the time, in order: first answering the first asked questions (that haven’t yet been answered). There’s less rush in the winter months, so then You can expect a faster response.

I’m planning on keeping this free.

Urgent, right away, today for today

There are situations that are urgent for You. When You need “real time” help, I’ll provide it using any of the above mentioned “channels”, as well as e-mail, Facebook page/chat (direct messenger link), or using the phone number +381628462452 (call, Viber, or WhatsApp).

Since this kind of assistance requires me to stop whatever I’m doing, I must limit the time and “materially compensate it” so to say.

Time for phone calls is work days from 9 to 20 o’clock (Central European time zone – “CET“).

Expected reply time for urgent questions is within 24 hours (usually within 10 minutes, if it’s between 9 and 20 CET on work days).

Service price is $ 14 for a 30 minute phone call, or chat (if using a messenger/chat service), payed via PayPal (add a contact number phone in the message if requiring telephone assistance).

Or You could use my Patreon page, where various packages are offered.

I will get a payment notification within minutes.

In other words: I offer knowledge, information and help for free, but must charge for my time (until we introduce communism globally, so I can just fix bikes, without worrying about bills, medical and schooling costs). ๐Ÿ™‚

Arrangements for bicycle service / fitting

Above noted does not go for calls in order to arrange a bicycle service/maintenance/fitting. For that You are free to call +381628462452, or use BikeGremlin Facebook messenger.

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  1. Website subscriptions have been re-enabled. After registering, you will get a confirmation email, with a link for setting your password. So it is necessary to enter a “real” email.

    Registration, among other things, enables you to get an email notification when a new post is published.

    There were hundreds of “fake” (spam) accounts that took too much time to handle. I had to delete all the accounts, since it was impossible to track the real from the spam ones. And look for a solution to this problem. Spam filter and registration process have been adjusted, so it is no longer a problem.

    If spam bots find a way around the filters, I will (temporarily) stop any new subscriptions (until I find a better solution), rather than getting in a situation of having to delete old, legit, subscriber accounts.

    Apologies to all the subscribers for this inconvenience, but I couldn’t find a different solution.

  2. I searched on the web and it looks like the smallest amount of FAM FORPLEX 2 grease I can buy is 0.8 kilograms (that’s 28 ounces, or almost 2 lbs). Nobody working on bicycles aside from a professional mechanic needs anything like that amount. Does anyone sell a small tube of the stuff? Say 4-5 ounces?
    And if not, why not?

    • 400 gram packages used to be available, but not any more. 800 gram package is rather large and, even though it’s a “universal” grease, probably too much for home use.

      Separate problem is buying it from out of Serbia – I’m pleasantly surprised you could find even the 800 gram bin.

      FAM was bought out by Valvoline this year. They are no longer responding to emails. Don’t know what the plan and the future for FAM is. For now it’s still available locally (though in larger packages only), through personal contacts – official distribution for my city was closed for all I know.

      FAM has good technology, engineers and technicians, I hope they are still working, under Valvoline brand at least. Valvoline is a “stronger” brand, so they can probably sell the same product at a higher price because of the brand – it’s logical. Forplex 2 for one is a great quality grease and it would make sense to try and sell it for more – like most other “premium brand” greases are.

      Having said all that, for bicycle bearings most Lithium complex NLGI 2 greases are more than good enough. Mobil Mobilith SHC 220 (Amazon affiliate link) for example is an absolute “overkill” in those terms, it costs a lot more, but for home use it will last for years and years. Or the more reasonably priced, still good Mobil XHP 222 (affiliate link). Both of these are widely available for all I know. Finally, a good option would be a local grease / auto parts store. In the post about “The Best Bicycle Bearing Grease” I provided some guides on how to decipher the writings on (some) packages and what to look for.

      P.S. Once my Forplex 2 (and Famol PT) supply is no longer available, I’ll start looking for a good, reasonably priced, alternative – well in advance. So far I can still source it, while my stocks are fine for at least a year. Also waiting to see what happens to FAM eventually.

  3. Hi,

    My question is related to the rear derailleur of my Fuji Sportif 2.1 -Tiagra 9 speed.(Shimano HG 50 11-32T cassette).
    Is it possible to replace the biggest sprocket (32 T) with a larger teeth sprocket (avoiding any change of derailleur or shifters).

    Hoping will get a budget solution which will provide some some relief during climbs .

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Depends on the rear derailleur type/model, derailleur hanger position and how big the new sprocket is.

    Rear derailleur capacity and other aspects are explained here:

    Shimano is rather conservative in their recommendations, I’ve used short cage (SS) Sora 9 speed RD with 34 teeth sprocket with no problems. But the only certain way is to check Shimano’s specifications first, then, if the desired combination is out of those specs, give it a test and see if it works – it often does.

    On a more practical note: how tight is the B screw right now, with the 32 teeth cassette?
    If there is more room to screw it in, RD will most probably take at least 34 teeth, if not more.


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