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BikeGremlin’s Black Friday recommendations

A very brief list of offers that I consider good enough to buy myself, or recommend to friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

Table Of Contents (T.O.C.):

  1. Introduction
  2. Cycling-related Black Friday offers
    2.1. Equipment
    2.2. Bicycles
  3. Computer-related Black Friday discounts
    3.1. Web hosting
    3.2. WordPress

1. Introduction

I already wrote about the lifetime offers worth buying (computer-related stuff mostly there). Some of those are still available with Black Friday discounts.

Here, I will list the other (one-time purchase, lifetime or subscription-based) offers that I think are good and worth investing in (I will keep editing this article to keep it up-to-date as I learn about new offers).

This list is very short, and quite exclusive. That is deliberate. Listing all the existing discounts would beat its purpose – the idea is to curate and share deals that I know are good (compared to regular prices), by companies I’ve found to be reliable when doing business with them.

And, yes, if the stuff I like & recommend offers an affiliate link, I will be using those – and mark such links as “affiliate link“. If there is no affiliate program, I will just share the non-affiliate links, without any marks. In other words: affiliate programs (their existence and rates) doesn’t influence my recommendations – take my word for it, or not, that’s up to you.

– T.O.C. –

2. Cycling-related Black Friday offers

2.1. Equipment​

I love Thule trailers. My kid is now big, but the trailer still hauls tools and groceries.

Chariot (now bought out by Thule) kids bicycle trailer
Chariot (now bought out by Thule) kids bicycle trailer

They are expensive, but high-quality. German currently sells it at a discount:

BF price: €629,00

– T.O.C. –

2.2. Bicycles​

Cube makes some nice bikes and I did list a few in my MTB and trekking bicycle buying recommendations.

German currently sells them at a discount price:

Price example:
Cube Attention SLX sea´n´orange
BF price: €879.20

– T.O.C. –

3. Computer-related Black Friday discounts

3.1. Web hosting

Before I start:
Why you should be very careful with hosting recommendations (even from the website!)

My favourite hosting provider, MDDHosting (my review). At the time of writing, practically all my websites are hosted there – can’t give a more honest recommendation than that.

MDDHosting already offers a Black Friday discount for the new, and fund top-up bonus for the existing customers. In addition to that, expect over 50% discounts on new orders for Black Friday only (24th November)!

MDDHosting doesn’t advertize as a managed WordPress hosting, but they are WordPress experts and help a lot – more than many “managed WordPress hosting” providers.

Price example:
PLAID Shared Cloud Hosting plan
“FALL23” coupon code price: $235.12 – for the first year

I have not tested or used this service. However, Aleksandar Savković works there (his LinkedIn profile link). He is a top-class WordPress expert, and a wonderful human being I like to think of as my friend.

If I were looking for a fully managed WordPress hosting, I’d give him a call.

For a full disclosure – I personally prefer the non-fully-managed setups: with more freedom to mess things up if you don’t know what you’re doing. 🙂  For the “normal” people (and business owners), on the other hand, a fully-managed option does make a lot of sense.

Price example:
Starter eCommerce hosting package
BF price: $164.95 – for the first year

Use the coupon code “BFCM” on checkout for a 50% discount for an entire year.

Veerotech offers a 50% lifetime discount on their shared and reseller hosting plans!
Note, that’s a 50% subscription discount for life, but not a one-time lifetime payment.

Here you can read my Veerotech hosting review – it’s long, and in detail, but put briefly: Veerotech is a good hosting provider, with good technical support, their own data-centre, and they seem to know what they’re doing.

Price example:
Semi-dedicated SSD SD-50 hosting
BF price: $14.97 – per month

Use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY2023” for the 50% lifetime discount.

– T.O.C. –

3.2. WordPress

One of my favourite WordPress themes, OceanWP, offers a Black Friday discount.

The free OceanWP is awesome (especially for WooCommerce), but the paid, “Pro” version brings a ton of extra options, with no need for any coding. And it’s quite well-written and runs fast (optimized). Here, you can read my full OceanWP Pro tutorial and review.

They are giving a 55% discount, even on lifetime purchases (in addition to the standard, yearly licenses)!

Price example:
OceanWP Pro “Personal” package
BF price: $111 – lifetime (one-time fee)

Another favourite of mine. BikeGremlin websites are currently running on GeneratePress – can’t give a more honest recommendation than that. Here is a full description of how I built my sites with GeneratePress.

They are giving a 25% discount on both yearly licences, and on lifetime offers.

Price example:
GeneratePress Premium
BF price: $219 – lifetime (one-time fee)

My favourite WordPress SEO plugin. Along with WordFence, it is a plugin I install on literally every website I make! The free version does do all you need in terms of SEO. However, the paid (Pro) version comes with some powerful extras, including an awesome anti-spam protection (and without any bloat). Read my The SEO Framework Pro review for all the details.

Now, TSF is offering a 50% discount subscription for life! As far as I know, they’ve never done anything similar (and I don’t expect them to repeat it). Yes, I know I sound like a salesman, but I do really think what I just wrote.
Note: the discount is for subscriptions. You will need to renew them each year, but they will always be at a 50% discounted price. So it’s not a one-time purchase. And that’s good in my opinion (had to double-check that to confirm), because lifetime can be risky – while subscriptions assure funding for further development.

The man who runs TSF, Sybre Waaijer, is a very cool guy. In my TSF vs Yoast test article’s section 7, I linked to the reddit discussion I had with TSF team years ago. TL/DR: I made some wrong measurements when comparing Yoast vs TSF performance. Instead of any harsh words, the guys just patiently and clearly pointed out the flaws in my measuring and testing system. This resulted in my updated website testing methods, and a new batch of tests with more realistic results.

They don’t offer affiliate programs, and don’t pay for false reviews. They just make an awesome SEO plugin.

Price example:
The SEO Framework Pro package
BF price: $42 – annual subscription (lifetime 50% discount)

That’s all I’ve “caught” so far when it comes to good deals for the stuff I use, or would at least recommend. I’ll update this post if something interesting pops up.

You can provide feedback, discuss offers or list your own “catches” in the BikeGremlin forum’s Black Friday 2023 threads:

– T.O.C. –

Please use the forum for any comments or questions.

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