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I find most email newsletters spammy. That’s why, since the BikeGremlin’s start in 2015, I’ve only sent a couple of them, ever.

Besides, BikeGremlin was never intended as a “hot news” website, more like an evergreen cycling encyclopaedia. The website’s search has been improved. You are welcome anytime to come and look for the information that interests you:

I’ll keep a list of the 10 last-published articles on this page. And if there’s any breaking news from the cycling industry that I think are worthwhile sharing, I’ll just post them here.

This is for the best. I see no point in bothering people with click-bait news, or with emails saying “hey, I’ve got a new article on this and that topic.” When you’re interested, and looking for some info, just hop by – I’m working hard on making this website stable, secure and easy to reach from all around the globe.

Thank you for your understanding,
Relja Novović

For notifications about new articles, you can use the RSS feed:
– Free RSS reader software: Feedly, or a Chrome/Firefox browser extension Feedbro

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