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Right and left hand(ed) thread

left and right handed thread

Updated: 09/09/2020. Term “left handed thread” is often used in cycling literature and practise. This post explains the difference between (a more common) right handed and left handed thread. Before explaining the left handed thread, first the right handed one will be explained.   1. Right handed thread – “the rule of right thumb” Right … Read more

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Kids’ bikes – why training wheels aren’t training

Why kids bicycle training wheels do more harm than good

Updated: 13/05/2021. Many parents, when buying a bike for the kids, make several mistakes. From wrong size and model of a bicycle (this will be addressed in separate posts), to the insisting on training wheels. This post will explain why training wheels are not good for learning to ride a bicycle and what is the … Read more

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Bicycle groupset

Bicycle groupset (drivetrain)

Updated: 09/09/2020. Those into cycling must have heard, or read something like: “The bike comes with a full Ultegra groupset”. Or: “Fully Shimano Deore equipped bicycle”. This post will explain what a “bicycle groupset” is, what parts it consists of. Other, less common name for a bicycle groupset is “bicycle equipment”.   1. What is … Read more

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Types of bicycles

Bicycle types - what kinds of bicycles exist and which are the best for which use

Updated: 10/05/2021. This post explains what kinds (types) of bicycles exist and which is the best choice for which use. There are many “sub-types”, so this is just a short explanation of major distinctions and characteristics of each type. A query that can be answered in order to get a recommendation of bicycle type most suitable … Read more