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Effective rim diameter (ERD) datasheet

In a separate post I explained what are the important rim dimensions and how to measure them. Here I will just make a list of data for rims that I have worked with – filling it up over time. For a more general info on the topic, see the post about bicycle wheel building basics.

The table is sorted by wheel size (bicycle wheel size standards explained), then by manufacturer, then by rim model.

Another good (and mostly reliable) source for hub dimensions is – rim dimensions secton.

Table Of Contents (T.O.C.):

w.b.h. = (lateral) width between the rim spoke holes.

622 mm (28″ and 29″)

DT SwissPR 1600 Spline
H Plus SonTB143261200
Kryptonno-name alu3259200
Krypton*no-name alu3659200
MaduxRS 3.03260200
MavicOpen Pro3660400
SpectraTec Comp3659600

* Krypton rims don’t have a manufacturer-specified maximum tension they can take. However, I’ve brought a 36-spoked Krypton rim to 150+ Kgf tension of the right-hand side spokes, and 120+ Kgf tension on the left-hand side spokes – without the wheel going out of true upon stress relieving the spokes. That’s just shy of 5,000 Kgf total tension! These rims are heavy, but are among the strongest and most durable I’ve seen. With the latest price hike (late 2022), their price is still closer to $10 than it is to $20 a piece, locally, with a very consistent manufactured ERD over the past decades.

– T.O.C. –

559 mm (26″)

Kryptonno-name alu3252900
Kryptonno-name alu3652900

– T.O.C. –

3 thoughts on “Effective rim diameter (ERD) datasheet”

  1. Hi Relja,on the double walled alex R450 rims i just built the manufactures ERD was way out by 2 mm i used the old two spoke measuring method if i followed alex rims ERD the build would have been not so good,the rim ERD was exacty 600 mm not 598 as stated by alex rims on their website,measure the hub yourself,measure the ERD yourself cheers

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, it’s always a good idea to measure (as I like to joke: “one good measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions” 🙂 ).
      Manufacturers don’t always get it right, so it’s better to spend a few minutes measuring, than having to get different-length spokes and re-lace the whole wheel again.

  2. Hi Relja,why has no one yet made a portable spoke calculator,could it be possible to make one the size of a normal portable calculator that would save alot of time as then you would not need to jump online to do spoke calculation,after all is it not only sine cos and tan with a little pythagoras,that stuff is allready on most portable calculators,cheers

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