The best bicycle chain lubricant

The best "oil" (lubricant) for bicycle chains

Updated: 16/11/2018. Often asked question (and debate) among cyclists, whether beginners, or experienced: “What is the best bicycle chain lube?” Short answer: chainsaw bar oil, diluted with diesel (or odourless mineral spirits) half-half. For those prepared to re-apply lube more often, even during one long ride, wax based lubricants are also an option. Chan that … Read moreThe best bicycle chain lubricant

Bicycle drive chain standard dimensions

Bicycle drive chain dimension standards - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 speeds...

Updated: 05/06/2019. This post will give overview of bicycle driving chains standard dimensions. Each chain has three important dimensions: pitch, inner diameter and outer diameter. 1. Bicycle driving chain pitch Chain pitch is the distance at which the pins are placed. It is measured by measuring the distance between 3 links, then dividing it by … Read moreBicycle drive chain standard dimensions

Bicycle chain wear (elongation)

Bicycle chain wear ("stretching")

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post will explain how exactly a bicycle chain gets worn and what happens with it as it wears. First things explained will be the chain construction and chain pitch so that explanation of chain wear can more easily be understood. A separate post explains how to measure wear and when to replace … Read moreBicycle chain wear (elongation)

Bicycle chain lubricants – explained

Bicycle chain lubricants - in detail

Updated: 08/11/2018. Eternal debate in the cycling world: how to lube and maintain a bicycle chain? There are those that seldom notice drive chain, until it starts creaking really loud, or breaks. There are also those that regularly clean and lubricate their chains. When it comes to those who do maintain their bicycle chains, there … Read moreBicycle chain lubricants – explained

Compatibility [01] Chains

Bicycle chain compatibility - which chains can be combined with which cassettes (sprockets)

Updated: 29/07/2019. This post explains bicycle chains compatibility – which chains can be combined with which number of “speeds”. First basic facts about chain will be explained. Then compatibility and possible mixing will be given per number of speeds a chain is designed for. From one to 12 speeds. Basic bicycle chains facts All the … Read moreCompatibility [01] Chains

When to replace the chain on a bicycle?

When to replace a worn bicycle chain

Updated: 27/04/2019. This post explains when to replace a bicycle chain. For a detailed explanation of what exactly happens when a chain gets used and worn, look at this post: Bicycle chain wear (elongation) Contents:1. Chain design2. Chain wear – elongation3. When is the time to replace the chain on a bicycle?4. How to measure … Read moreWhen to replace the chain on a bicycle?

Chain length sizing for bicycles with derailleurs

Optimal chain length for bicycles with a derailleur (multi-geared bicycles)

Updated: 16/11/2018. It is often asked: what is an optimal chain length for a bicycle with derailleurs? Should a new chain be shortened and how much? That is answered in this post. For single speed bicycles (or bikes with internal gear hubs), see: Determining optimal single speed chain length.   1. Bicycle drive chain length … Read moreChain length sizing for bicycles with derailleurs

Determining single speed chain length

How to determine an optimal chain length for single speed bicycles (bicycles with only one chainring at the front and back)

Updated: 16/11/2018. How to determine an optimal single speed chain length? Why is it important? When explaining this, it is important to note that it goes for all the bicycles with only one chainring at the front and at the back, including bicycles with gear hubs (that have multiple gears built inside the rear hub … Read moreDetermining single speed chain length

How to lock a bicycle

How to securely lock a bicycle, so it doesn't get stolen

Updated: 23/08/2019. This post explains how to lock a bicycle – so that it is safe when left outside, unattended. What to look out for, how to do it properly. 1. Bicycle thefts Often people get put off using bicycles as a means of transport by bicycle thefts. Bicycle safety is like an anecdote of … Read moreHow to lock a bicycle

Bicycle locks explained

Bicycle locks - what types exist, how to choose a good, safe bicycle lock

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post explains bicycle lock types, construction, how to choose a good one for locking a bicycle. For instructions on “locking techniques”, i.e. how to properly lock a bicycle, read this post: Locking a bicycle. Contents: 1. What makes a good bicycle lock? …1.1. Lock cylinder …1.2. Locking mechanism …1.3. Lock body 2. … Read moreBicycle locks explained

Bicycle – how many speeds?

Bicycle - how many speeds is the best to have on a bicycle? How many different gearing ratios is needed for cycling?

Updated: 16/11/2018. There’s been a long trend of ever increasing number of speeds on bicycles. From single speeds, “tenspeeds”, over 18 speeds (bicycles with 3×6 chainring setups), to modern “1X” trends with only one front chainring and 10 to 12 rear chainrings (“sprockets”). This post will try to answer the question: how many speeds are … Read moreBicycle – how many speeds?

How to lubricate a bicycle chain

Bicycle chain lubrication - how to lubricate a bicycle chain, why is that important, bicycle chain wear...

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post will explain basic things about bicycle chain maintenance. First there will be a few words about chain function, as well as chain and chainring wear, then chain cleaning techniques, followed by chain lubrication methods. Finally it will give some rough recommendations of chain lubricants. For detailed explanation of various chain lubricant … Read moreHow to lubricate a bicycle chain