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Approach to bicycle servicing

First steps (approach) when servicing a bicycle

Updated: 09/09/2020. This post is about approaching a bicycle that needs repairs, or regular maintenance. Perhaps it sounds a bit absurd – “what’s the big deal in how to approach a bicycle?”, but in the remainder of this post, I’ll explain what’s the “catch”. Contents: 0. Introduction 1. Talking to the client …1.1. Listening …1.2. … Read more

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Headsets [03] Headset bearings standards – SHIS

Standard dimensions (sizes) of bicycle headsets (fork bearings) - SHIS

Updated: 25/11/2018. Previous two posts have explained the names of steerer parts and how to measure the important dimensions. This post deals with headset bearings standards. If (re)packing a (new) headset with loose bearing balls, see: Standard bicycle bearing ball sizes. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Marking rules (format) 3. Standard dimensions …3.1. Head tube inner … Read more

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How to lubricate a bicycle chain

Bicycle chain lubrication - how to lubricate a bicycle chain, why is that important, bicycle chain wear...

Updated: 09/05/2021. This post will explain basic things about bicycle chain maintenance. First there will be a few words about chain function, as well as chain and chainring wear, then chain cleaning techniques, followed by chain lubrication methods. Finally it will give some rough recommendations of chain lubricants. For detailed explanation of various chain lubricant … Read more