The best bicycle chain lubricant

The best "oil" (lubricant) for bicycle chains

Updated: 16/11/2018. Often asked question (and debate) among cyclists, whether beginners, or experienced: “What is the best bicycle chain lube?” Short answer: chainsaw bar oil, diluted with diesel (or odourless mineral spirits) half-half. For those prepared to re-apply lube more often, even during one long ride, wax based lubricants are also an option. Chan that … Read moreThe best bicycle chain lubricant

Comparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants

Comparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants

Updated: 08/11/2018. This post will offer a comparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants. It will include standard commercialy available lubricants that can be used for lubing bicycle chains, such as chainsaw bar oil, motor oil etc. It will also give comparison of lubricants sold and marketed as bicycle chain lubricants. They will be noted with … Read moreComparative overview of bicycle chain lubricants

How to lubricate a bicycle chain

Bicycle chain lubrication - how to lubricate a bicycle chain, why is that important, bicycle chain wear...

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post will explain basic things about bicycle chain maintenance. First there will be a few words about chain function, as well as chain and chainring wear, then chain cleaning techniques, followed by chain lubrication methods. Finally it will give some rough recommendations of chain lubricants. For detailed explanation of various chain lubricant … Read moreHow to lubricate a bicycle chain