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Pros and cons of bicycle disc brakes (compared to rim brakes)

Advantages and disadvantages of bicycle disk brakes

Updated: 09/09/2019. This post provides a short overview of advantages and disadvantages of bicycle disc brakes, compared to rim brakes (whether they are cantilever, road, or V-brakes). When comparing, it is understood that the brakes are of a good build quality and set up properly. Update: if it helps anyone, I made a series of … Read more Pros and cons of bicycle disc brakes (compared to rim brakes)

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Compatibility [08] Mechanical brakes

Compatibility of mechanical (i.e. non-hydraulic, but cable actuated) bicycle brakes. Which brakes can be combined with which

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post will explain mechanical bicycle brake compatibility (i.e. brakes with cable actuation, not hydraulic) of both calipers and levers. Hydraulic brakes will be explained in a separate article. For explanation of terms like amount of lever cable pull and mechanical advantage, look at this article: Mechanical brakes – working principle. 1. Amount of cable … Read more Compatibility [08] Mechanical brakes