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Mounting bicycle tube and tyre

Replacing (mounting) bicycle tyre and tube. Tools needed, step-by-step instructions...

Updated: 01/09/2020. This post explains how to mount bicycle tubes and tyres onto the rim. If needed, see posts on how to how to remove wheels, how to remove tyres and tubes, and how to patch punctured tubes. 1. Inspect the rim It needs to be without sharp edges. Straight, without bends. 2. Make sure that … Read more

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Bicycle tyre sizing and dimension standards

Bicycle tyre size - ISO, ETRTO dimension standards. BSD rim dimension - which tyre size fits which rim

Updated: 15/10/2020. What do size marks on bicycle tyre package mean, how to “read” them, which bicycle tyre size can fit a given rim? This post answers all those questions, providing an easy, uniform, standardized way to tell a tyre (tube and rim) size using ISO (ETRTO) standards. For detailed tube sizing gude, see: Bicycle … Read more