Bicycle handlebar dimension standards

Bicycle handlebar dimension standards

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post will give overview of bicycle handlebar size standards, in terms of stem mounting area as well as grip mounting area (or bar wrap area for road “drop” bars). Other important dimensions of road bike bars are explained in the post about road bar geometry, while important considerations for flat bars are given … Read moreBicycle handlebar dimension standards

Bicycle stem size standards

Bicycle stem size standards (dimensions)

Updated: 16/11/2018. Table of contents: 0. Introduction 1. Types of stems ….1.1. Quill stem ….1.2. Threadless stem 2. Important dimensions and how to measure ….2.1. Handlebar (clamp) attachment diameter ….2.2. Steering column attachment diameter 3. Stem dimension standards ….3.1. Handlebar clamp dimension standards ….3.2. Steering column attachment dimension standards ……..3.2.1. Threaded stems ……..3.2.2. Threadless stems … Read moreBicycle stem size standards

Standard thread dimensions used with bicycles

Standard ISO dimensions for threads used with bicycles

Updated: 27/01/2019. ISO standard defines dimensions of thread – by diameter and pitch. This post provides a list of standards most commonly used on bicycles, with explanation of most common use. Tools most commonly used for (un)screwing the bolts and nuts of the given standards will also be noted (also by ISO standard), for both … Read moreStandard thread dimensions used with bicycles