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Cycling in traffic [03] Typical risky situations

Typical risky situations in traffic for cyclists

Updated: 29/08/2020. This post will explain some typical risky traffic situations for cyclists in traffic and how to avoid them, how to stay safe when cycling on public roads, with other motor vehicles. Each risky situation will be explained separately, with advice how to minimize the risk of an accident. Before explaining typical situations, list … Read more

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Cycling in traffic [01] “Sorry, I didn’t see you!”

Sorry mate I didn't see you (SMIDSY) - cyclist safety in traffic

Updated: 20/05/2021. This post explains imperfections of human perception in terms of cyclist traffic safety. For explanation of difference between being seen and being noticed, read this post: Bicycle lights – Difference between “seeing” and “noticing”. A large percentage of cyclists have experienced situations where drivers didn’t see them – resulting in shock and hard braking, … Read more