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Minimum seatpost insertion length

Minimum safe seatpost insertion length

Updated: 20/07/2020. This post will explain minimal seatpost length. A post explaining seatpost width (diameter): Seatpost diameter sizing standards. 1. Seatpost lengths Seatposts are made in lengths from 75 to 430 millimeters. A seatpost can relatively easily be cut shorter, but a too short seatpost can’t be lengthened, of course. Saddle height is adjusted by … Read more

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Seatpost diameter sizes (standards)

Bicycle seatpost dimension (width, size) standards

Updated: 15/04/2021. To help prevent mistakes when purchasing or changing seatposts, this article explains what kinds of seatpost diameters are most commonly used and how they are measured. Only diameter (width) is dealt with here. The length of the seatpost depends on frame geometry (design) and size – i.e. how much the saddle needs to … Read more