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Roller wear effect on chain to chainring engagement

Effect of bicycle chain roller wear on chain's engagement with chainrings

Updated: 09/09/2020. In a previous post “Bicycle chain wear (elongation)” it was explained how chain wear happens and affects chain’s performance. There it was mentioned that roller wear doesn’t affect chain’s performance. The only thing that affects performance is chain’s elongation (change of pitch) – i.e. inner plates to pin contact area wear. The goal … Read more

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Compatibility [01] Chains

Bicycle chain compatibility - which chains can be combined with which cassettes (sprockets)

Updated: 14/06/2021. This post explains bicycle chains compatibility – which chains can be combined with which number of “speeds”. Firstly, basic facts about the chain will be explained. Then compatibility and possible mixing will be given per the number of speeds a chain is designed for. From one to 12 speeds.Before you start, to avoid … Read more