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Compatibility [10] Bottom brackets

Bottom bracket compatibility - what can be combined with what

Updated: 01/04/2021. This post will explain bottom bracket compatibility. Which bottom brackets (BBs) can be combined with which crankset standards. Before you start, to avoid any misunderstanding:please take the 5 minutes needed to read the compatibility articles use instructions. Posts that explain in detail the history and construction of each BB standard can be found … Read more

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Bottom brackets [01] Threaded BBs

Threaded bicycle bottom bracket (BB) standards

Updated: 28/04/2021. This post will explain bicycle bottom bracket standards. It is the first in the series of posts on the subject, explaining basic terms, then each standard. Most threaded standards are explained, while a separate post explains press-fit (threadless) bottom brackets. The last post will address BB and crankset compatibility and interchangeability. Contents: What … Read more