Website optimization [02] DNS and redirects

Website performance improvement: DNS and redirections

Updated: 24/02/2019. As I explained in the article about my website problems, analysis and measurement has shown problems with multiple landing page redirections in some situations. Here I’ll explain how I’ve solved those problems. Contents: 1. Introduction – what is a DNS and redirection? 2. Eliminating multiple redirects …2.1. Types of redirect setups …2.2. Redirect … Read moreWebsite optimization [02] DNS and redirects

Website security upgrade and maintenance

BikeGremlin website security upgrade

Updated: 21/02/2019. The cause of “hickups” With the nice spring and summer weather, cycling season is still at it’s peak – lots of work at the bike shop. In those terms, the worst possible moment was chosen for the site redesign. However, since the website is meant as a source of good and reliable … Read moreWebsite security upgrade and maintenance