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Bicycle bearing greases – explained

Detailed explanation of important bicycle bearing grease characteristics - grease types explained

Updated: 11/12/2020. It is a common debate among cyclists (and mechanics) which is the best bicycle bearing grease – for use in hub, or steerer, brake pivot etc. bearings. Some swear by the old “axle grease” that “… my grandfather / father used …” Others recommend silicone, Teflon, graphite grease and so on. This post explains important … Read more

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The Best Bicycle Bearing Grease

What is the best bicycle bearing grease? Which type of grease to choose for bicycle bearings?

Updated: 16/07/2020. What is the best bicycle bearing grease? In this post, a recommendation for bicycle bearings grease will be given. For detailed explanation of various types of greases, as well as recommendation of grease for extreme riding conditions, look at this (long) post: Bicycle bearing greases – explained The mentioned (linked) post gives explanation … Read more