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Compatibility [05] Front derailleurs

Bicycle front derailleur compatibility. Which FD can work with which shifter, crank (chainrings), frame mounts, chains...

Updated: 13/12/2020. This post explains bicycle front derailleur compatibility of various makes and models. For a detailed explanation of front derailleur (FD in the rest of this post) mounting systems, cable routing and capacity, read this article: Front derailleur. FDs differ in several categories (they are all explained with pictures in above linked FD article): Mounting: braze … Read more

Home » Keyword: "front derailleur"

Front derailleur

Bicycle front derailleur (FD). Types of front derailleurs, frame mount standards, FD compatibility...

Updated: 09/09/2020. Explanation of all the important facts related to bicycle front derailleurs. Contents: 1. How does the front derailleur work? 2. FD mounting to the bicycle frame …2.1. Direct mount system known as H0, or DM …2.2. E-type (also known as low direct mount, E2-type, S3, Spec 3) …2.3. SRAM S2 (Spec 2) …2.4. … Read more