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Headsets [02] Important fork, head tube and headset dimensions

Important dimensions of head tube, steerer tube and headsed bearings

Updated: 09/09/2020. In a previous post headset construction was explained and important parts were noted. That post can be read here: Names of bicycle fork, head tube and headset parts (1st article in this series). Part names defined in that post will be used here. This post will explain what needs to be measured when changing, or … Read more

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Bicycle fork

Bicycle fork - types, construction, important parts...

Updated: 09/09/2020. This post explains bicycle fork types and basic terms. A separate post explains the names of bicycle fork and headset bearing parts. Contents:1. What is a bicycle fork?2. Important dimensions3. Types of forks..3.1. Systems of fork attachment…..3.1.1. Threaded forks…..3.1.2. Threadless – “ahead” forks..3.2. Brake attachment system…..3.2.1. Brakes mounted at the centre of the … Read more