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Fast bicyle cornering – on paved roads

Fast (down hill) bicycle cornering on paved roads

Updated: 08/11/2018. This post will explain how to quickly and smoothly ride through (tight) corners on a bicycle. This is especially important when riding fast downhill, but it is also useful for improving riding skills in any other situation. First, instinctive survival reactions and (their affect on) bicycle controlling will be explained, followed by explanations … Read more

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Countersteering – bicycle steering

Countersteering (counter-steering) - bicycle steering

Updated: 11/11/2018. In this post I will explain how to precisely, efficiently and quickly steer a bicycle. Steering a bicycle might sound obvious to any (experienced) cyclist, but some concepts and techniques that come intuitively, especially “countersteering”, are better used when one knows about them and tries consciously to practice and improve them. As a … Read more