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Types and designs of bicycle bearings

Types and designs of bearings used for bicycles

Updated: 20/08/2020. This post will explain what kinds of bearings are (mostly and usually) used with bicycles and what their advantages and disadvantages, compared to other commonly used bicycle bearing systems are. For bearing ball standards, see: Standard bicycle bearing ball sizes. 1. Cup and cone bearings Bicycle bearings commonly use bearing balls, placed in … Read more

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Tools needed for a bicycle hub overhaul

Tools needed for a bicycle hub overhaul (service)

Updated: 08/11/2018. Good quality bicycle wheel hub can last for ages, if serviced regularly and properly. This article lists and explains what tools are needed for a bicycle hub overhaul, of cup and cone hubs, that have replaceable ball bearings, not the cartridge bearing hubs. The procedure of servicing (overhauling) hubs is explained in this … Read more