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MTB wheels: 26″ vs 27,5″ vs 29″ 29er

MTB bicycle wheels - 26" compared to 27.5" and 29" ("29er")

Updated: 24/04/2021. What are the best wheels for a mountain bicycle? 26″, 27.5″, or 29″? This post gives a comparison (overview) of the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each of the standards. 1. Standards in numbers Detailed explanation of wheel sizes can be found in this post: Tyre dimensions. 26″ is a marketing term for … Read more

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Types of bicycles

Bicycle types - what kinds of bicycles exist and which are the best for which use

Updated: 10/05/2021. This post explains what kinds (types) of bicycles exist and which is the best choice for which use. There are many “sub-types”, so this is just a short explanation of major distinctions and characteristics of each type. A query that can be answered in order to get a recommendation of bicycle type most suitable … Read more