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Bicycle braking technique

Proper cycling braking technique explained

Updated: 05/06/2020. This post explains a proper braking technique on a bicycle. How to stop in the shortest possible distance, how to use front and rear brake correctly. Separate posts explain mechanical brake working principle, and pros and cons of bicycle disc brakes. Contents:1. What are the brakes used for on a bicycle?2. Braking weight … Read more Bicycle braking technique

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To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?

To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?

Updated: 13/06/2020. This post answers a frequently asked question: “To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?” Related posts explain: Slick bicycle tyres, Rolling resistance – are narrower tyres faster and Bicycle winter tyres. Contents:1. What is the role of air pressure in tyres?2. What is the optimal tyre pressure?…2.1. What does the optimal … Read more To what pressure should I inflate my bicycle tyres?

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Slick bicycle tyres

Slick bicycle tyres. Are they good? Do they grip well in the wet?

Updated: 08/11/2018. Many cyclists have doubts when it comes to slick tyres and their grip, especially on wet pavement.  This post will address slick bicycle tyres, their strengths and weaknesses. Contents: 1. Role of tread pattern on bicycle tyres …1.1. Off-road conditions …1.2. Paved roads 2. Wet pavement with puddles …2.1. A few words about car tyres … Read more Slick bicycle tyres

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When to replace the chain on a bicycle?

When to replace a worn bicycle chain

Updated: 16/07/2020. This post explains when to replace a bicycle chain. For a detailed explanation of what exactly happens when a chain gets used and worn, look at this post: Bicycle chain wear (elongation) Contents:1. Chain design2. Chain wear – elongation3. When is the time to replace the chain on a bicycle?4. How to measure … Read more When to replace the chain on a bicycle?

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Bicycle fork

Bicycle fork - types, construction, important parts...

Updated: 28/01/2019. This post explains bicycle fork types and basic terms. A separate post explains the names of bicycle fork and headset bearing parts. Contents:1. What is a bicycle fork?2. Important dimensions3. Types of forks..3.1. Systems of fork attachment…..3.1.1. Threaded forks…..3.1.2. Threadless – “ahead” forks..3.2. Brake attachment system…..3.2.1. Brakes mounted at the centre of the … Read more Bicycle fork

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Chain length sizing for bicycles with derailleurs

Optimal chain length for bicycles with a derailleur (multi-geared bicycles)

Updated: 16/07/2020. It is often asked: what is an optimal chain length for a bicycle with derailleurs? Should a new chain be shortened and how much? That is answered in this post. For single speed bicycles (or bikes with internal gear hubs), see: Determining optimal single speed chain length.   1. Bicycle drive chain length … Read more Chain length sizing for bicycles with derailleurs

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How to dress for winter cycling?

How to dress for winter cycling

Updated: 09/11/2018. Cycling in the winter can be quite comfortable. It is said: “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. How to dress for winter cycling? What are the challenges of riding in the coldest part of the year? All this will be explained in this post. Separate posts explain bicycle snow riding technique … Read more How to dress for winter cycling?

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Determining single speed chain length

How to determine an optimal chain length for single speed bicycles (bicycles with only one chainring at the front and back)

Updated: 16/07/2020. How to determine an optimal single speed chain length? Why is it important? When explaining this, it is important to note that it goes for all the bicycles with only one chainring at the front and at the back, including bicycles with gear hubs (that have multiple gears built inside the rear hub … Read more Determining single speed chain length

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Bicycle winter tyres

Winter bicycle tyres. Which tyres are the best for cycling in winter, snow and ice?

Updated: 16/11/2018. Cycling in the winter, even on snow and ice can be nice. 🙂  Having good bicycle winter tyres helps a lot in that! This post will explain basics of tyre traction. Then types of snow and winter surfaces usually encountered. Afterwards it will tell most about studded bicycle tyres and their attributes. Finally, … Read more Bicycle winter tyres

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Bicyle equipment (“groupset”) classes

Bicycle equipment (groupset) classes - Dura-Ace, Ultegra, Deore, Super Record...

Updated: 06/01/2020. “What groupset do you ride?” is a common question among experienced cyclists. Less experienced ones often ask what bicycle groupset classes are the best, which one to buy. This post will give a ranking (list) of classes from the low, to top class, for the three major groupset manufacturers: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. … Read more Bicyle equipment (“groupset”) classes

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Bicycle groupset

Bicycle groupset (drivetrain)

Updated: 16/11/2018. Those into cycling must have heard, or read something like: “The bike comes with a full Ultegra groupset”. Or: “Fully Shimano Deore equipped bicycle”. This post will explain what a “bicycle groupset” is, what parts it consists of. Other, less common name for a bicycle groupset is “bicycle equipment”.   1. What is … Read more Bicycle groupset

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Bicycle types

Bicycle types - what kinds of bicycles exist and which are the best for which use

Updated: 21/06/2020. This post explains what kinds (types) of bicycles exist and which is the best choice for which use. There are many “sub-types”, so this is just a short explanation of major distinctions and characteristics of each type. A query that can be answered in order to get a recommendation of bicycle type most suitable … Read more Bicycle types

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Bicycle locks explained

Bicycle locks - what types exist, how to choose a good, safe bicycle lock

Updated: 31/07/2020. This post explains bicycle lock types, construction, and how to choose a good one for locking a bicycle. For instructions on “locking techniques”, i.e. how to properly lock a bicycle, read this post: Locking a bicycle. Contents:1. What makes a good bicycle lock?…1.1. Lock cylinder…1.2. Locking mechanism…1.3. Lock body2. Padlocks – size and … Read more Bicycle locks explained

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Bicycle wheels – how many spokes?

Bicycle wheels and spokes - explanation of construction, hubs, rims, how many spokes etc.

Updated: 22/05/2020. This post explains bicycle wheel construction. What makes a strong spoked wheel, how many spokes is the optimal choice. For explanation on how to remove and mount a wheel, read this post: How to remove a wheel.Differences in wheel size: 26 vs 27.5 vs 28/29″ wheel sizes comparison.Tyre size: tyre (and rim) dimension standards … Read more Bicycle wheels – how many spokes?

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Setting up riding position – bike fitting

Setting up a comfortable bicycle riding position - bike fitting

Updated: 08/11/2018. Unless a bicycle frame is by “three sizes” too big/small, it can usually be set to better suit a rider’s comfort. This post gives instructions for setting up a comfortable riding position, i.e. bicycle fitting. For a shorter, simpler explanation, more suitable for beginners, read the post: Setting up comfortable riding position. Contents: … Read more Setting up riding position – bike fitting

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Bicycle lights

Bicycle lights - why they are important for safety, what kind of bicycle lights are the best

Updated: 26/06/2020. Is it necessary to use bicycle lights at night? How to be properly lit, safe and visible when cycling at night? What kind of lights are the best for a bicycle? Contents:1. Why reflectors DON’T do the job2. Difference between “seeing” and “noticing” (consciously)3. Bicycle lights4. Common mistakes…4.1. Blinking lights…4.2. Lights too bright, … Read more Bicycle lights

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Bicycle – how many speeds?

Bicycle - how many speeds is the best to have on a bicycle? How many different gearing ratios is needed for cycling?

Updated: 16/11/2018. There’s been a long trend of ever increasing number of speeds on bicycles. From single speeds, “tenspeeds”, over 18 speeds (bicycles with 3×6 chainring setups), to modern “1X” trends with only one front chainring and 10 to 12 rear chainrings (“sprockets”). This post will try to answer the question: how many speeds are … Read more Bicycle – how many speeds?

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How to choose a correct bicycle frame size

Real (effective) bicycle frame size - how to choose a correct bicycle frame size

Updated: 16/11/2018. What is a correct, “real” (i.e. effective) bicycle frame size? How to measure it, tell which one will fit? While most other things can be “tweaked” to fit a rider, if a frame is too small, or too big (especially by more than “one size wrong”), it is very hard “fix” – since … Read more How to choose a correct bicycle frame size

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Bicycle tyre sizing and dimension standards

Bicycle tyre size - ISO, ETRTO dimension standards. BSD rim dimension - which tyre size fits which rim

Updated: 16/11/2018. What do size marks on bicycle tyre package mean, how to “read” them, which bicycle tyre size can fit a given rim? This post answers all those questions, providing an easy, uniform, standardized way to tell a tyre (tube and rim) size using ISO (ETRTO) standards. For detailed tube sizing gude, see: Bicycle … Read more Bicycle tyre sizing and dimension standards

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Front derailleur

Bicycle front derailleur (FD). Types of front derailleurs, frame mount standards, FD compatibility...

Updated: 08/11/2018. Explanation of all the important facts related to bicycle front derailleurs. Contents: 1. How does the front derailleur work? 2. FD mounting to the bicycle frame …2.1. Direct mount system known as H0, or DM …2.2. E-type (also known as low direct mount, E2-type, S3, Spec 3) …2.3. SRAM S2 (Spec 2) …2.4. … Read more Front derailleur

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Rear derailleur

Bicycle rear derailleur - chain wrap capacity, top and low normal, rapid rise, max sprocket capacity...

Updated: 20/05/2019. This post explains important facts about bicycle rear derailleurs. From construction and parts, to important characteristics such as chain wrap capacity etc. 1. How does the bicycle rear derailleur work? Rear derailleurs (often refferd to as RD) are used on bicycles with external gearing and multiple sprockets at the rear hub. They work … Read more Rear derailleur

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Speeds – rear sprockets

Bicycle speeds - rear sprockets

Updated: 16/11/2018. This post gives a short overview of “bicycle speeds” in terms of rear sprocket (chainring) count. A series of articles explaining which sprockets can be matched with which derailleurs and shifters can be found here: Bicycle parts compatibility. For more details on cassette standards, read: Bicycle cassette (rear chainring) standards.   Bicycle rear sprockets … Read more Speeds – rear sprockets