WordPress website migration

Website migration - i.e. moving a website to another hosting server

Updated: 15/03/2019. In this post I’ll explain how to do a website migration. Instructions are given for a website that uses a CMS and a database (WordPress in this case), but the principle is the same for a majority of websites (sites without database just don’t need the steps explaining database migration). I will try … Read moreWordPress website migration

Website security upgrade and maintenance

BikeGremlin website security upgrade

Updated: 21/02/2019. The cause of “hickups” With the nice spring and summer weather, cycling season is still at it’s peak – lots of work at the bike shop. In those terms, the worst possible moment was chosen for the bikegremlin.com site redesign. However, since the website is meant as a source of good and reliable … Read moreWebsite security upgrade and maintenance