Caching a WordPress website

Caching a WordPress website

Updated: 22/02/2019. I already wrote about website caching in general. So now I won’t be explaining (again) what caching is, why it is important etc. Here I’ll write briefly about WordPress caching. What solutions there are and which one I chose and why. 1. Dynamically generated content I touched this subject in the previous article … Read moreCaching a WordPress website

Website optimization [07] Permalink change

Wordpress - permalink structure change and redirects

Updated: 21/02/2019. In this post I’ll deal with WordPress permalinks, their alteration/change on a “live” website and solving/preventing problems that it can cause. Using Google didn’t provide complete answers on this (not for me at least), so I did some testing on a test website, then tried on one “live” website, then another – finally … Read moreWebsite optimization [07] Permalink change

Website optimization [05] Images – pictures

Website image optimization - and WordPress image optimization

Updated: 24/02/2019. In a series of posts explaining website optimization, this one deals with website image optimization. First it will be explained what “website image optimization” is, why it is important, followed by explanation of how to do it (technically). Let us begin… Contents: 1. What is image optimization? 2. The importance of image optimization … Read moreWebsite optimization [05] Images – pictures

Website optimization [04] WordPress plugins – speed and stability

WordPress plugins - speed and stability. Recommendations and experience.

Updated: 13/03/2019. After posts explaining general website optimization in terms of finding the problems and bottlenecks, eliminating multiple redirects, implementing caching and compression, the subject of this post is specially related to WordPress websites, something that can drastically affect website speed and stability – WordPress plugins. First I will explain the function and importance of … Read moreWebsite optimization [04] WordPress plugins – speed and stability

Website optimization [03] Caching and compressing

Speed-up website - caching

Updated: 24/02/2019. After a post about measuring web-site performance and discovering “slow-downs”, followed by a post about eliminating multiple redirects, this post deals with website caching. It will explain briefly what caching is and why it is important. Followed by the same for compression. Finally, I’ll explain how it’s been implemented on this (relatively small and … Read moreWebsite optimization [03] Caching and compressing

Website optimization [02] DNS and redirects

Website performance improvement: DNS and redirections

Updated: 24/02/2019. As I explained in the article about my website problems, analysis and measurement has shown problems with multiple landing page redirections in some situations. Here I’ll explain how I’ve solved those problems. Contents: 1. Introduction – what is a DNS and redirection? 2. Eliminating multiple redirects …2.1. Types of redirect setups …2.2. Redirect … Read moreWebsite optimization [02] DNS and redirects

Website optimization [01] Measuring “performance”

Website and hosting problems

Updated: 24/02/2019. IT corner – a place that has nothing to do with bicycles. 🙂  As I wrote in the “about the author” page, my vocation and “day time job” are IT engineering based – systems specialist. In that field I have about 20 years of experience and some knowledge has piled up along the … Read moreWebsite optimization [01] Measuring “performance”