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Battery housing for Specialized electric bicycle

Guest post by Dalibor

Description of the making of a battery housing. It was made of polyester. Very tough, waterproof and shaped to fit the bicycle frame.

For this model I made two housings, because the planned amount of battery cells required a lot of space. It was made using styrofoam, which was then used to make a frame and apply polyester.

Polyester is very easy to shape, but also very difficult to work with.

White colour perfectly matches the bicycle’s colour.

Small housing was made for indicators and a small voltmeter.

Polyester housing is very resistant to weather and other outer influences. It can be shaped to match bicycle frame design and shape. Housing can also be made from other materials – like aluminium, chrome etc.

This is how the finished project looks: Specialized modified to be an electric bicycle. 🙂

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